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The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals A Striking Fact About The Series

The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals A Striking Fact About The Series

The Queen’s Gambit, which can be considered as the best quality production of Netflix, has become one of the most-watched productions of October.

Based on Walter Tevis’s novel The Queen’s Gambit, published in 1983, the mini-series is quite interesting and has already gained a different place in viewers’ hearts with its different subject from other Netflix productions.

In this series, which takes place in the ’60s, there is no end to the world like in other popular Netflix series, there is no apocalypse or other creatures, it does not take place in space, it just shows how a girl, who is a chess prodigy, uses her intelligence in an area dominated by men and puts it in a striking way.

The drama’s leading role, the chess genius Beth Harmon, is successfully portrayed by the young actor Anya Taylor-Joy, and in a recent interview, she revealed that she didn’t actually know how to play chess before she started preparing for her character.

Expressing that she is very grateful to learn something new about this magical world, which she did not know at all, thanks to this story, the actress took lessons from a chess master to learn all the masterful moves in the series.

On top of that, Joy acknowledged that she wanted to embody the character and felt that she had a huge responsibility to tell the story right and not disappoint the chess community.

Here’s what she stated:

“I had never played chess prior to taking part in this, and I feel so grateful that I’ve been given this peek inside of this magical secretive world that I knew nothing about.

 I had an incredible chess sensei called Bruce Pandolfini who’s amazing and so supportive and so sweet.

It sounds strange, but I felt a great deal of responsibility to the chess community to tell the story correctly, and to really be able to embody that character.”

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