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Rapper Nas Makes Interesting Statements About The State Of Hip-Hop Music Today

Rapper Nas Makes Interesting Statements About The State Of Hip-Hop Music Today

The hip-hop legend, Nas, was back to business with his new 13th studio album, ‘King’s Disease’ released early this year. The American rapper gave an interview in which he shared his ideas on the rap music world today.

Nas’s debut album, ‘Illmatic’ was released in 1994, so this means Nas was in the rap industry during the years when the hip-hop music shined, and even that album was chosen as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time.

As an artist considered one of the best rappers in the world, Nas has included his ideas about the current situation of the industry and the point where rap music has come in his new album and said that he finds there is no real purpose behind some records.

In his 2006 album ‘Hip Hop Is Dead‘, the rapper also transferred his ideas to music, referring to this subject in his new album, he thinks that the music of some rap artists today is ‘weird‘ and they choose prestige over quality.

Nas considers that although he is still the same person, he is also older and thinks that he is somewhere else in terms of music. Moreover, Nas says that his priorities have changed and the quality of his music is important than anything else. Accepting that there is an entertainment part to the hip-hop industry and giving an example from 2Pac, Nas adds that although he understands that part of the work, music is not composed of that for him.

He believes that there should really be a purpose behind the records being worked on, and not just clout intent because his only aim is not getting streams. He furthermore adds that he wishes people would not try to do so much clouting because when people realize it they think it is corny. However, he ends his words by stepping back from making any more comments on this issue because everybody carries on in their own ways.

Here’s what Nas stated:

“With ‘Hip Hop Is Dead’ it was a whole different time, but it’s definitely connected to what I was saying about rap being all about clout and stuff. But today’s game doesn’t faze me; it’s different. I’m in a different place. I have a different job when it comes to making music.

It’s strange because I’m the same me, but I’m older. So there’s different ways of going about things and different things that I care about. But the clout thing stands out because it’s show business.

He continued:

It’s Muhammad Ali when he’s mouthing off, which changed boxing and made him more entertaining. It’s 2Pac when he was going wild on people, which creates entertainment. So I get that part of it, but I don’t care for it when it’s only that. When it’s only clout.

When there’s no real purpose behind the record other than trying to get streams. I wish artists would try not to do so much clout because the people notice it and it’s corny. But at the same time, who am I to say anything? Everybody carry on.”

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