The Sopranos Creator David Chase Reveals Why He’s “Extremely Angry” For Its Prequel “The Many Saints of Newark”

The Sopranos creator David Chase says he’s extremely angry that his upcoming prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark premiered on HBO Max.

Discussing the day and date format when the movie will be released in theaters and on the broadcast platform at the same time, Chase said the situation was “terrible.”

During an interview with Deadline, David Chase said:

“I don’t think, frankly that I would’ve taken the job if I knew it was going to be a day-and-date release. I think it’s awful. I still am [extremely angry].”

Chase went on:

“If I was…one of those guys, if one of those executives was sitting here and I was to start pissing and moaning about it, they’d say, you know, there’s 17 other movies that have the same problem.

What could we do? COVID!’ Well, I know, but those 16 other movies didn’t start out as a television show. They don’t have to shed that television image before you get people to the theatre. But we do. And that’s where we’re at.”

He added:

“People should go see it in a theatre. It was designed to be a movie. It was…it’s beautiful as a movie. I never thought that it would be back on HBO. Never.”

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