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The Walking Dead Star Seth Gilliam Reveals His Ideas About Father Gabriel’s Backstory

The Walking Dead Star Seth Gilliam Reveals His Ideas About Father Gabriel’s Backstory

The Walking Dead star Seth Gilliam shared what he thinks of the character Father Gabriel and some ideas on the character’s backstory.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Seth Gilliam recalled the day when he said he had some ideas about Gabriel’s backstory.

Here’s what Seth Gilliam stated:

“I wanted pretty basic generic things like, did he have friends? Did he have lots of friends? Did he have one friend? Did he talk to himself? Was he once much heavier and then lost a lot of weight and now it’s important for him to try to maintain some kind of slim physique? Things like that.”

He reacted when he learned about the smaller and more intimate deep character story of Gabriel and Aaron in the newest episode of the series. He said:

“I was pretty excited for it. There hasn’t been any kind of Gabriel backstory thing. I had some ideas about where he came from and everything else, but it was nice to give a little more insight into the character and focus on him a little bit more, aside from the main story plot that’s going on. So, I was really excited about it.

Then when I found out that Robert Patrick was going to be in it and he was going to be playing the brother, I was really over the moon because I’ve always been kind of terrified by the characters that he’s played, his intensity and everything. But it turned out to be a dream.”

Gillian also talked about how uncomfortable the colored lens Gabriel should wear for his infected eye. He added:

“I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not uncomfortable at all, really. It takes less than a minute to put it in. I have a lens tech, Justin Face, who has to put drops in it every 15 to 20 minutes or else it sticks to my eyeball. Aside from the sticking to the eyeball every once in a while, it’s just cool. I think it’s a great look. I like it. Love the eye.”

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