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The Walking Dead Star Shares Thoughts On The Future Of Daryl And Carol

The Walking Dead Star Shares Thoughts On The Future Of Daryl And Carol

Matt Lintz, one of the stars of The Walking Dead, made some statements about the series.

The Walking Dead, one of the longest TV series, is preparing for the finale with its 11th season. But after the final, they will continue with the spinoff series.

Matt Lintz plays the character of Henry in the series. The fans are wondering whether the relationship between Carol and Daryl, one of the favourite characters of the series, will turn into love or the will remain as close friends. Lintz shared his thoughts on this issue.

Matt Lintz is not supporting the idea of a romantic relationship between the two characters. He thinks they are close friends and they are good like that. He thinks it could be a mistake to change that unbreakable bond into something romantic.

Here’s what he said:

“I feel like you can have a really good relationship, a male can have a really good relationship with a female and just be friends. It would be cool I guess if they became a thing, but at the same time I’ve always personally — even when I was on the show — I always saw them as friends. Maybe the spinoff will take a different route, you never know.”

Although Lintz interprets the relationship between the two in this way, The Walking Dead fans have long been waiting for the relationship between Carol and Daryl to turn into love. As Lintz said, things can go very different in spinoffs and the story can shift in a direction no one expected. That’s why we’ll be able to find out later what decision the authors will make.

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