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Lauren Cohan Says ‘I Am So Ready To Put My Focus Back’ For The New Season Of The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan Says ‘I Am So Ready To Put My Focus Back’ For The New Season Of The Walking Dead

We know Lauren Cohan on AMC’s The Walking Dead as the fearless warrior-leader Maggie Greene/Rhee. Cohan left TWD in season 9 for her role in Whiskey Cavalier, but fans have always desired for Maggie’s return.

When Cohan returns to the zombie apocalypse franchise, that wish was fulfilled for the finale of a ‘bridge’ season, with several new episodes from season 10, and the next and last 24 episodes after the 11th season of the story.

During a recent interview with ‘Story Rain,’ Cohan opened up on how she feels about re-developing her character after a significant break after Season 9.

While filming the next phase of TWD and now to focus on the process of bringing Maggie back, the beautiful actress said that she’s ready to put her focus on her much-loved character.

Here’s the statement of Lauren:

“I couldn’t even anticipate the ways I might be subconsciously tense, but I am so ready to put my focus back on digging into Maggie. It’s extremely satisfying, getting to all be together and go so far into our characters. The ending of the show aside, we knew we were going to have this very big story to tell this year.”

She continued:

“As Maggie, coming back into the group, I am really forced to face Negan and every emotion Negan is going to make her feel. It’s like somebody telling you you’re moving back to your hometown—it’s going to be fraught with beauty and rediscovery, coming home, as well as encountering this really personally challenging demon.

As demonic as Negan was to Maggie’s husband and her family and her crew, the part I am most looking forward to is, confronting what kind of anger he is going to bring out in my character.”

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