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The Weeknd Wasn’t Recognized By Fans After His Radical Change

The Weeknd Wasn’t Recognized By Fans After His Radical Change

The R&B singer The Weeknd has had many different style choices throughout his career. Even after several platinum albums and tremendous success in the charts, Abel still likes to try new looks from time to time.

In his recent interview with Esquire, th musician explained the meaning of his hit song ‘Blinding Lights’ and revealed why he was always switching up the style. He said:

“I wasn’t too confident with how I looked. I didn’t think that I could sell the music looking like me. I was very hardheaded. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever done a radio interview. I just feel like I would give a horrible interview.”

Yesterday, the 30-year-old superstar took to Instagram to share his new appearance. As you might see in the photo, he has changed his hairstyle once again. He debuted another new hair look in his pictures for the magazine, sporting some tight braids creeping out of his cap, which people seem to love.

Following his radical change, the fans flooded to the comment section to show some reaction to her new look. Many fans weren’t recognized him, and they were astonished.

A fan said:

“My n****a, who is this.”

Another wrote:

“Y’all know when bro changes hair we getting a fire album.”

Also, an Instagram user commented:

“Who is this.”

See the Instagram post below.

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