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Tinashe Calls Donald Trump A ‘B*tch’ As She Announces A Big Decision

Tinashe Calls Donald Trump A ‘B*tch’ As She Announces A Big Decision

In a recent post on Twitter, Tinashe said he would not leave the United States until the November 3 election, probably including concerts and shows, and called President Trump as ‘b*tch.’

Everyone seems determined to vote for the November 3rd elections in the United States. Even Snoop Dogg, who has never voted in his life, will vote against Donald Trump in these elections.

Like many celebrities, Tinashe occasionally shares tweets against Trump. However, this time she made a big decision and said that she would not leave the country for any reason and would vote in the elections on 3 November. The R&B star also called him ‘b*tch,’ referring to Trump.

Here’s what Tinashe wrote:

“Ok ok ok I’mma stay in the US until after the election, we gotta vote this b*tch the f*ck out.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Back on August 21, Iggy and Tinashe teamed up once again for ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching.’ The song is the first track from Iggy’s independently-released third studio album ‘End of an Era,’ and it marks the rapper’s first drop since she became a mother.

The beautiful artist revealed how it feels to collaborate with women artists with a post she made on Twitter. She said:

“I always wanted to do more collabs, esp female collabs… (I loveeee working with other Creatives it’s so fun) I’m so happy that now I have the freedom and confidence in myself to do more.”

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