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Tinashe Talks About The Type Of Women That She Finds Attractive

Tinashe Talks About The Type Of Women That She Finds Attractive

R&B singer Tinashe was interviewed by Angela Yee and her Lip Service, and she talked about the type of women that she finds attractive.

When asked her type of woman that she likes, the 27-year-old singer struggled to say what her ‘type’ really is. She said:

“It’s interesting, um, I… The ones that I… I can’t say. I mean, I’ve dated a more masculine girl but I’ve never dated a super masculine girl. And I’ve never dated a super femme girl, either.”

Tinashe added she likes to be the dominant person in a relationship:

“[I like] to be in relationships with people that can play both sides. Like, I like to take charge definitely, sometimes.”

The singer previously opened up about her sexuality and explained that she still doesn’t feel any need to label her sexuality. But she also says that there’s no sense of pressure because of how accepting society has become about same-sex attraction.

“I feel, like, nowadays, people are a little bit more understanding of the fact that other people don’t necessarily want to assign themselves one particular thing or another. That’s all a part of how we’re growing and progressing as a society. I think it’s exciting that we don’t have to be so black and white, because the world isn’t black and white.”

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