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Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Reflects On What He Thinks About George Floyd’s Death As A White Man

Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Reflects On What He Thinks About George Floyd’s Death As A White Man

Actor and Tom Hanks’ son, Chet Hanks, decided to make a bold statement about the death of George Floyd and reacted to the racial discrimination by sharing an Instagram photo of Dylann Storm Roof who has anti-black views.

The 46-year-old black man, George Floyd, killed was brutally killed by a police officer as a result of the disproportionate police enforcement shortly after taking custody for fraud charges.

After this brutal murder, demonstrators flocked to the streets in Minneapolis and many other states of the country to protest racial murders by the police, and also, many celebrities reacted to police violence via social media accounts.

Today, Chet Hanks took to Instagram to show his anger to the racial murders and showed the difference between white and black people. He shared a photo of Dylann Storm Roof who killed nine black people while praying at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2017.

In the photo, the 21-year-old shooter was dressed in a bulletproof vest for his protection by the cops after the massacre. Chet questioned why the shooter dressed like that and pointed to the difference between the white man who carried out this massacre and an ordinary black man.

He also said that he is ashamed of that as a white man and prayed for justice after killed George Floyd. Here’s the statement:

“I know I’m slow when it comes to the news cuz I don’t watch that shit, but look at this shit. Look at the care and concern the cops took this evil, demonic, rotten piece of shit into custody.

Even made sure he had a bulletproof vest on for his own protection!!!! Where was the brutality then? Why didn’t they have their knees on his neck??? Why didn’t he have a scratch on him???

After murdering innocent black people who were in the middle of worshipping God at church?? And George Floyd gets choked to death for what??? Sitting in his car??????? Not to mention the countless others.”

He continued:

“This shit makes me sick and fucking disgusted as a white man that this kind of double standard still exists in this country!!!!!! Its evil and I’m truly fucking ashamed!!!!!!!

I pray to God that justice is served against all of the wicked despicable racist pieces of shit that commit these acts and the corrupt system that protects them from all consequences!!!!!!

This is the lowest form of humanity!!! As a white man let me know what to do and I’m fuckin riding!!!!! I know this shit been going on forever and we have to do whatever it takes as a people to end this disgusting and despicable oppression and tyranny!!!!!!!

This isn’t just about race… It’s about good vs. Evil!!!!! Fuck this shit!!!!!!”

An Instagram follower nicknamed sweetcarolinagirl1 added different info about the shooter who killed black people in 2017 and wrote:

“Those cops even stopped and picked up burger king for him after he was caught… True story.”

Another user nicknamed saadiadior said:

“And you have a black daughter so you better be riding with us.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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