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Tom Holland Reveals Whether He Will Star In A Possible ‘Ben 10’ Film

Tom Holland Reveals Whether He Will Star In A Possible ‘Ben 10’ Film

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is not planning to be in a possible Ben 10 movie after seeing an artwork of the cartoon concept.

Posting the funniest content from across the web, Daquan, shared a new photo of Tom Holland’s Ben 10 concept. The page asked fans what the fans think if Tom Holland would play in possible Ben 10 film.

This fan art split the fans in two because some of the fans want that he should portray Ben 10, but the others didn’t want it. However, Tom Holland shut down all speculations and discussions with a straightforward comment.

The 24-year-old actor appeared in the comment section and made a simple comment about these speculations. Here’s what he commented:


His comment has reached more than 38k likes in a short time. Nevertheless, the fans have been continuing to discuss it. Seemingly, Holland doesn’t want to be in any movie which consists of Ben 10, although he split fans in two.

On the other hand, Man of Action member Duncan Roselau has shared their thoughts about the movie before the reboot released.

Rouleau said:

“The stuff that happens on TV is Ben at 10 on his never-ending vacation — the best vacation ever, because he also gets to be a superhero — but then online we’ve been doing a second screen thing that’s called Alien Worlds, which is much more in-depth about the aliens and he planets that they come from and some of the backstories and the drama.”

See the Instagram post and Holland’s comments below.

Photo Credit: Daquan – Instagram

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