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Travis Scott Recalls The Time He Met With Carmelo Anthony And It Contains Something Sad

Travis Scott Recalls The Time He Met With Carmelo Anthony And It Contains Something Sad

Famous rapper Travis Scott recently released his new single “Franchise” and has had a very successful collaboration with the giant fast-food chain McDonald’s to have a meal named after him. The famous rapper was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day and while sharing the unknowns about his life, he also revealed a memory that passed between him and Carmelo Anthony, but this incident brought a sad confession with it. Another subject that Scott mentioned was about an incident that happened to him after he collaborated with McDonald’s.

One of Travis Scott’s first memories that he shared about his life was about NBA Star Carmelo Anthony, Melo for short. Before entering the music scene, the famous rapper from Houston, Texas, lived in a high crime neighborhood in downtown Houston. He worked here as a ballboy for the Houston Rockets for a while to make a living.

Scott had an unforgettable memory during his time with the Houston Rockets. On Jimmy Kimmel, Scott explained in those years Rockets weren’t a star-studded team and they were not supposed to talk with star players. However, one day when he was working, the famous basketball player, Melo, came near Travis Scott and he not only gave Scott his headband but also he signed it for Scott as a gift. Although Scott described this incident as “funny” during the interview, it was actually a sad confession because Melo was unlikely to remember that he had such a memory with Scott.

Here’s what he told Kimmel:

“We wasn’t too much of a star-studded team at that time. We weren’t supposed to talk to star athletes, but one day, Melo gave me his headband, signed his headband. Which is so funny, he probably doesn’t remember this.”

Later in the show, Travis Scott shared what happened to him with the audience after he collaborated with McDonald’s. One day, Scott thought of going to the oldest branch of McDonald’s that he had never been to and wanted to see before and eat his own meal there. The 29-year-old rapper was on his way to Downey, California and was excited to see the classic products of the world’s first McDonald’s.

In the unplanned incident, fans who saw Scott suddenly surrounded the artist. Scott, who found himself in the crowd within minutes, said this made him feel very happy because he had been away from the crowd since the pandemic broke out. But despite all this excitement, he wanted to be sure that he was still virus-free and get tested for COVID-19. He was worried but he passed the test.

Here’s what he said:

“I didn’t know all these people were gonna be there. I didn’t send anyone the address or anything like that. It was so random. I was only going because one, I had never seen this McDonald’s and I wanted to go see it, and two, they had this merch store that was there that had all of this classic McDonald’s stuff from the first McDonald’s. So I just went there to go do that, to get the meal there, I just wanted to go through the whole classic thing.

All the fans were there, which made it even better. That’s why I was a little bit excited. I was like, ‘Oh, I haven’t seen a lot of people in so long!'”

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