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Travis Scott Reveals What He Really Thinks About New Generation Of Artist

‘African-American culture is one of the most under-appreciated assets that America has.’ The Shop HBO back it again with rapper Travis Scott and Pharrell, Lakers Guard Lonzo Ball and more LA Lakers forward LeBron James’s The Shop show on HBO.

Travis Scott and Pharrell has shared his thoughts about new generation of rapper at The Shop. He said:

“I was doing this interview, man, for Playboy, right? And the interview guy was like, he was saying my generation was SoundCloud rappers, and I was like, ‘Wait, pause.’ I had to tell him, like, you got it twisted. SoundCloud was there for us because SoundCloud understood, like, we wanna drop a song right now. We’re not trying to wait for any load-up. We wanna go right now, our fans, and then people adapted to our speed.”

Watch the full video below.

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