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Trey Songz Reveals The Most Precious Moment Of His Life

Trey Songz Reveals The Most Precious Moment Of His Life

R&B singer/songwriter Trey Songz has returned with new music a few days ago and collaborated with Summer Walker for his new single titled ‘Back Home.’ Plus, the video clip of the ‘Back Home’ is featuring the quarantine visuals of Trey Songz and his adorable son, Noah.

After the release of his new song, Trey jumped to social media to share a part of the music video clip and penned down a heartwarming letter about his 1-year-old son.

As we all know, Trey Songz’s son, Noah, recently turned 1 year old. Trey Song flew his home in Virginia to celebrate his son’s first birthday despite quarantine rules.

As you might be seen from the visuals in the video, Trey looked very happy to see his son and left some valuable thoughts about Noah in the caption.

In the caption of his post, the 35-year-old artist said that his most personal and precious moment is when he flew his home in Virginia for the first birthday of his son.

Here’s what Trey Songz wrote:

“Ain’t gon lie…it scares the hell outta me to be this vulnerable and share my world in this way. The way we tear each other down worries me but fuck it because I’m guilty of it too if we really being honest.

Whatever happens, I do know that now more than ever, sharing moments I normally keep to myself could help others in their time of need. So here it is, my most personal & precious moment; flying back home to Virginia for my son’s 1st birthday.

A first that many families have had to celebrate with their loved ones virtually. I couldn’t miss it even with the world shut down. Thank you for all the love and positivity you’ve been sending to my boy. 👶🏾 🙏🏾”

Celebrity photographer Mel D. Cole commented and said:

“Love you, my brother! Thank you for sharing your family with us! Miss y’all!”

NBA players photographer Cassy Athena wrote:

“Awww the video and song are so cute! Love it 💕💕 Noah is so adorable”

See the Instagram post, and watch the music video of the ‘Back Home’ song via Youtube below.

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