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Trick Daddy Arrested For Drug Possession In Miami

Trick Daddy Arrested For Drug Possession In Miami

Veteran rapper Trick Daddy was arrested by Miami police, facing the cocaine possession charges.

Miami police reported a Range Rover brand car that did not comply with traffic regulations. According to the police report, the rapper ‘seemed to be sleeping at the wheel’ when the officer approached the car.

After the Sobriety test, it was found that Trick Daddy was driving while he was drunk and was taken to the Hammock District Police Station.

While Trick put his belongings in a plastic bag at the police station, the officers found cocaine residue among his belongings. He was also charged for cocaine possession. Then, the rapper was arrested Saturday morning.

This was not his first case, in 2014, he was arrested for possession of firearms, possession of cocaine and driving unlicensed vehicles. In 2003, he was arrested for threatening to kill a man in a street basketball game. In 1991, he was charged for violating probation and cocaine possession.

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