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Tyler The Creator Reveals Why He Thinks Everybody’s Dumb Until They Are 25

Tyler The Creator Reveals Why He Thinks Everybody’s Dumb Until They Are 25

During a recent interview with Beats 1, Tyler, The Creator reveals to Zane Lowe, the thoughts, feelings, and sounds making up his fifth album, ‘IGOR.’

Tyler also says he doesn’t care about things and laughs at the stupid works he did until he is 25. He explained:

“It’s about putting this. And putting it [on the floor]. I didn’t want to be cool. I wasn’t trying to be cool. It’s no ‘Who Dat Boy’…It may seem repetitive, but that’s kinda what life is. Everybody wake up in the morning and brush they goddamn teeth. It’s crazy, things really point back to your childhood. I didn’t have a pet, so this car could blow up, I could get another one. I don’t have to take care of things.”

He continued and mentioned about his music until 25. He said:

“I think everyone’s dumb until they’re 25. If I had started making music at 24, if I started at Flower Boy, I would be a God. It’s cool…If it was sixty or sixty-five percent cool, it was thirty-five percent of ‘dammit Tyler, just shut the fu*k up. I didn’t realize I should stop yelling on songs till I was 24. I was like, why the fu*k didn’t ya’ll tell me to stop fu*king yelling all the damn time. Oh, maybe I should stop being funny on the internet, and people would realize how talented I am.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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