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Tyra Banks Supports Her Friend Lady Gaga On Her New Book ‘Channel Kindness’

Tyra Banks Supports Her Friend Lady Gaga On Her New Book ‘Channel Kindness’

Famous singer and actress, Lady Gaga, got her hands on writing after acting and collaborated with her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, to publish a book called Channel Kindness in recent months. Her celebrity friends supported her and one of them was the famous supermodel and host Tyra Banks. Banks stated that she was very excited about Gaga’s book via her official Instagram account and shared a photo of herself enjoying reading the book.

In creating this book, Lady Gaga was inspired by her life and the hardships she went through when she was younger. She wanted to open a path by supporting people who could be successful in the future. Lady Gaga and her mother believed that this could only be achieved through kindness.

Nowadays, people are trying to deal with the pandemic, and at the same time live a normal life but in the meantime, this tension can cause them to lose their patience and kindness to each other with all the stress of life.

In Lady Gaga’s book, which contains 51-stories, there are inspiring and original stories of young people across the world. In this book, Gaga wanted to make sure that no one felt alone.

In her last Instagram post, Tyra Banks shared a photo of herself while reading Lady Gaga’s book and explained that Gaga put her love into everything she did, so Banks would read this book with excitement which gave hope and encouragement to its readers.

Here’s what she said:

“I love me some @ladygaga and all the amazing love she stands for. And now she’s put that love into a book. I’m so excited to read stories of hope, bravery, and resilience from the young changemakers who authored #CHANNELKINDNESS + Gaga 💖 📚 Get your copy today at”

Check out the post below.

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