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Untold Story Of How Nav And Meek Mill Became Good Friends

Untold Story Of How Nav And Meek Mill Became Good Friends

During a recent interview with Variety, rapper Nav has shared an untold story about the friendship between him and Meek Mill.

Nav revealed first how they met. He said:

“When I was coming up, before I met Cash or anybody, I produced “Back to Back” for Drake. In that time, it wasn’t public knowledge who I was. My artistry started taking off right after that came out. Without knowing that I produced “Back To Back,” Meek was posting pictures with my lyrics as the caption.

My friends were showing me that, and I’m like, “Shit, I should follow him.” But I didn’t know what’s going on. Because at that time, I’m just a fan. I didn’t want to ruin none of the relationships I had going in Toronto.”

Nav also mentioned about how Meek Mill has shown his love to him. He said:

“Now we’re actually good friends. He was the first one to show me love. The next line, when I say “Cuz” at the end of the bar, that’s talking about him because that’s what people around here call him. “The first time I seen a Maybach, it was with Cuz.” I was in Atlanta and he gave us his Maybach to drive around.”

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