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Usher Pens A Heartfelt Wish To Celebrate His Son Naviyd Ely Raymond’s 12th Birthday

Usher Pens A Heartfelt Wish To Celebrate His Son Naviyd Ely Raymond’s 12th Birthday

Eight-time Grammy award-winning R&B musician Usher has updated his Instagram page to celebrate the 12th birthday of his son Naviyd Ely Raymond and wrote a heartfelt note.

Naviyd Ely Raymond is one of the three children of Usher from his marriage to Tameka Foster and he is the middle child of the family.

On Thursday, the 42-year-old musician took Instagram to share a photo of Naviyd in which he shows his green-shaded hairstyle. As a father of three, all his kids are important for Usher but he declared that Naviyd was his favorite 12 years old.

In his birthday note, Usher noted that he loved Naviyd with all his heart revealing that his son brings light into their lives as a bold and courageous little man. Usher also stated that his son pushed his father to post more on Instagram, so he listened to his son’s advice.

Furthermore, in the continuation of his birthday note, Usher advised his son to continue to know what he wants and who he is because he is beyond special to those who know him.

Here’s the caption:

“I love you son with all my heart…YOU are my favorite 12 year old. Bold and courageous…you bring light to every room your in. You push everybody around you to get with the program….thank you for pushing me to post more.

If I’d only listen!! Lol You are thoughtful, you are faithful and I commend you for it. Everything went your way today…why, because you planned and prepared for it.

With detail written instruction…the family lawyer, great debater, P I and then some. Singer, dancer, playwrite, “Mr. C & T” 🎭 My Fellow Thespian!

Continue to know what you want and who you are!! They say kids don’t come with instructions, well they weren’t planning for your arrival…with instruction and a full manual along with floor plan and strategy…that YOU personal wrote!! 😆

Luck favors the prepared and you are beyond special to me and all whom love you understand the feeling. Honoring you “The Good News” this day and many more!! 💚 #DADBAD”

A fan of Usher wrote:

“That’s so beautifully said ❤️❤️”

Another fan celebrated Naviyd’s birthday and wrote:

“👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👑👑👑👑HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more BLESSED ones 👑👑👑”

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