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Vanessa Bryant Makes Fans Cry With A Recent Heartbreaking Kobe And Gigi Video

Vanessa Bryant Makes Fans Cry With A Recent Heartbreaking Kobe And Gigi Video

The widow of late Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, Vanessa Bryant, has shared yet another emotional video of her beloved husband and daughter, Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant, via her official Instagram account.

As you can remember that the private helicopter of Kobe Bryant had crashed when he was traveling with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, in Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant and his daughter had died in this crash and everyone was shocked after heard the death of Kobe and his daughter on January 26.

Today is the two-month anniversary of the father-daughter duo’s tragic deaths and Vanessa Bryant didn’t forget the importance of this day. She shared a heartbreaking video of her husband and daughter on Instagram and captioned the post with two broken heart emojis. 

Here’s what she captioned:


In the video, Vanessa Bryant revealed some great moments of them which featured footage of Kobe discussing Gigi’s basketball journey at a press conference in 2019.

Here’s what Kobe was saying in the video:

“But then when she asked about learning the game of basketball, I started teaching her piece by piece, and she started enjoying it and loving it and now she plays every day.”

It’s been a joy to watch her grow and to be there every day for that process,” the former Los Angeles Laker continues. “Her temperament is a lot like mine. She’s extremely competitive, very fiery, and backs down from no challenge.

She’s a good mix of me and a good mix of her mama, so that makes her even more competitive than I am.”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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