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Vanessa Hudgens Reveals The Surprise Phone Call From Kobe Bryant For A Favor

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals The Surprise Phone Call From Kobe Bryant For A Favor

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens pay her tribute to the late Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant on her official Instagram account, sharing a new photo with a special gift he got from Kobe.

As we all know, August 24 was recognized as the official Kobe Day, based on his iconic jersey numbers 24 and 8 he wore throughout his basketball career. Many people remembered him with the great tributes on this special day.

Vanessa updated her Instagram feed to mourn the late LA Lakers icon on Kobe Day. She shared a photo of herself and posed with the signed Lakers jersey she got from Kobe. The actress remembered him in this beautiful way.

The 31-year-old actress left an exciting caption and told her fans the story of how she got this signed Lakers jersey. Vanessa, who is not too related to sports but turned into a Kobe Bryant fan after she started watching Lakers games, revealed a surprise phone call from Kobe Bryant.

In her caption, Hudgens said that Kobe called her and wanted a signed Gabrielle doll(her character in High School Musical) for one of his daughters. She said she accepted Kobe’s request and received this signed jersey in return.

Here’s what Vanessa Hudgens stated:

“8/24. Happy Kobe Bryant day. I was never really into sports. Then I started watching the lakers games. I cheered more for Kobe than anyone else in my life. Years ago, I got a call saying Kobe wanted a signed Gabriella doll for one of his daughters. Geeking out, I said, of course. I would also really love a signed jersey.”

See the Instagram post below.

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