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Waka Flocka Says He Doesn’t Like Gay People For Bizarre Reason And Fans React

Waka Flocka Says He Doesn’t Like Gay People For Bizarre Reason And Fans React

In a recent post on Instagram Live session, New York rapper Waka Flocka Flame has shared his thoughts about gay people who compliment him.

The rapper says that he doesn’t have any problems with anyone’s sexuality but he also added that he doesn’t like a man approaching him in such any type of flirtatious way, or giving him compliments. He said:

“I understand yall folks got y’all month and all that. Nothing against nobody’s sexual preference, nothing. But look, I ain’t with that. So don’t approach me, don’t be having too many compliments and doing all that extra shit. It’s out of pocket and disrespectful. Steal a nigga soul from him. it’s that simple.”

Watch his Instagram Live session below.

The fans also reacted to him about his disrespectful words on gay people.

A fan wrote on twitter named @Eatthacake_.

“I’m so disappointed in my baby daddy waka. I always knew he was homophobic by the the way he treat Brandon. it’s disgusting …. he still fine af tho”

Check out the tweet below.

Another fan also responded to him on Twitter:

“Waka Flocka, Your post came off homophobic. A gay man complimenting you isn’t disrespectful. Your friend saying that he’s a shooter & etc, is harmful. I stay in ATL too & would welcome a public conversation on homophobia in hip hop. @WakaFlocka @MzFlame_86 @debraantney”

Check out the tweet below.

A fan named @ThatGuy025 wrote on Twitter. He said:

“Waka Flocka didn’t say he didn’t want gay people near him or even around him he just simply does not really want a compliment or anything flirtatious of that nature. I mean that’s pretty much any other heterosexual guy he just said what some male celebrities want to say but can’t”

See the tweet below.

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