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Watch: Charlie Puth Shares New Music Video For “Mother”

Watch: Charlie Puth Shares New Music Video For “Mother”

American successful pop singer, Charlie Puth has released his new official music video for “Mother” on certified Youtube channel.

The track taken from his latest solo album called same name with the song “Mother”.

The music video for Puth’s latest catchy hit characterizes him as a teenage boy who is “a nice boy, so well-mannered” in front of his girlfriend’s parents, but transforms into a rebellious teenager the moment they leave her house.

A fan named jz.0l wrote a comment about the song via Instagram:

“Thanks for another song that is art, I love you Charlie Puth I love you😍💖”

Another fan said that:

“Omg We can talk about charlie has a given gift from heaven.❤️❤️😍😍😍”

You can watch the music video below:


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