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Wesley Snipes Responds To Rumors About Whether He Converted From Christianity To Islam Once Again

Wesley Snipes Responds To Rumors About Whether He Converted From Christianity To Islam Once Again

Iconic actor and martial artist, Wesley Snipes, responds to a fan’s question that wonders his religion and he clears the air on the speculations about he is practicing to Islam once again.

Snipes was raised in a Christian home, but as he grew up, his interests in religion expanded and he started looking into other faiths. In an interview, the actor said:

“I like to read about different religions–Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. It was actually my martial arts training that got me into it–after all, it’s quite spiritual. And at the theater, they always tell you what you’re not. That actually made me wonder who I actually am.”

For a while, he converted from Christianity to Islam in 1978. But he left Islam in 1988. He was practicing Muslim for a decade. He said about his conversion during a 1991 interview:

“[Islam made] me more conscious of what African people have accomplished, of my self-worth, [and gave] me some self-dignity.”

Considering he’s not Muslim anymore, we would assume he’s gone back to Christianity, and he’s still religious anyway. However, Blade actor clarified the rumors about his religion with his latest Instagram comment.

Wesley Sniped shared a video showing how a father is protecting his son during a blast in Beirut, Lebanon. He pointed out this moment on his caption. He wrote:

“No parent should fear this deeply for the safety of their child. My prayers for everyone in Beirut today. I’m at a loss for words.”

An Instagram fan nicknamed mazyar.b.k.z_58 wondered his religion and asked him that he is Muslim or not:

“Are you Muslim, Wesley?”

The 58-year-old actor responded to the fan with a perfect answer by saying he is not Muslim anymore. He wrote:

“I am not. But I respect the religion and the people.”

See the Instagram post below.

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