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Which Epic Scene Was Almost Discluded In The Game Of Thrones?

Which Epic Scene Was Almost Discluded In The Game Of Thrones?

Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss made statements about the most epic scene in the Game of Thrones, which almost canceled because of its hight budget.

In a new book called ‘Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon by James Hibberd,’ Benioff and Weiss revealed that they begged HBO to shoot the epic season 2 Battle of Blackwater. The Game of Thrones series had continued for years and had become a production that everyone appreciated with the quality of its shooting. In fact, almost before this series, there were no TV works that were as cinematic as it.

Based on George R.R. In Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, the Game of Thrones’ producers wanted to bring a new dimension to the war scene and tried to make it as realistic as in the novel. After the first season, the producers who wanted to give a wider coverage of the fight and war scenes explained that this was actually not that easy.

According to what they told, they had to beg to persuade HBO to shoot the battle scene. Michael Lombardo, who was HBO’s programming president at the time suggested them to cancel the scene or shott it in a more simple way. Although they managed to convince him and get an extra $ 2 million budget for the episode, writer Martin had to change the scene from the version in the novel.

The producers also had to convince the director of season 2 because he thought it was impossible to shoot such an epic battle scene. Fortunately, with the change of director, it was possible to shoot this scene.

After all these obstacles, the scene achieved such a success that the cinematographic quality in TV series has completely changed. With their insistence, Benioff and Weiss paved the way for such epic scenes in other TV series.

You can watch this epic scene down below.

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