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Bruno Mars Gets Frustrated Writing Music And Reveals The Job He Wants To Do

Bruno Mars Gets Frustrated Writing Music And Reveals The Job He Wants To Do

Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars shares his interesting desire with the followers on his Twitter page and says she would be a model if he wasn’t a singer.

Mars tweeted out a new post on Twitter today to share a thing that is about his career. In his tweet, the 34-year-old singer wrote that he wants to be a model when he gets so frustrated writing his music. He also admitted himself that he should’ve been a model, leaving a sad expression emoji.

He tweeted:

“Sometimes I get so frustrated writing music, I look in the mirror and say to myself, ‘I should’ve been a model.’

However, his fans don’t seem to like his desire. Some followers headed to the comment section and tried to discourage him from his uncertain decision, which to be a model.

A fan named Dulce commented:

“Bruno shut the hell up you have a great voice inspired my life your old music inspired me now get in that studio and makes us a new album that everyone has been waiting and never give up you hear me ok look at all the success you did from before and now love you.”

Another fan wrote:

“I only noticed the ‘writing music’ part of your sentence. Hurry up, it’s been four years!!”

Some fans claimed he couldn’t write music anymore and thought he would retire from his music in the future.

A fan said:

“He says he can’t write anymore, lol.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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