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Will Mariah Carey Tell ‘The Bed Story’ With Eminem In Her Upcoming Book?

Will Mariah Carey Tell ‘The Bed Story’ With Eminem In Her Upcoming Book?

As the publication date of Mariah Carey’s book approaches, Eminem’s concern is increasing about what Carey will say about their toxic relationship in her book.

US Weekly reported that Slim Shady is worried about what Mariah Carey told in her book, ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey.’ A source tells the reporters that Eminem knows what Carey will say about their past relationship because they had a really problematic relationship.

“Eminem’s Achilles heel has always been Mariah Carey. They had a very toxic relationship. He knows that Mariah is going to say very negative things about him. He is expecting the onslaught, and almost welcomes it.”

It also reportedly claimed that the-47-year-old rapper is concerned that he will be described as a selfish lover, who didn’t perform well in bed.

“Marshall is stressed out that Mariah is going to say shit that he was bad in bed or a selfish lover because he has always been very insecure about that. She knows that.”

Eminem and Mariah Carey had a toxic relationship in the early 2000s. However, after this problematic relationship, many claims were made, but they never ended these claims entirely. Eminem even bothered Carey many times in his own songs. One of them is the ‘Superman’ from Eminem’s third album, The Eminem Show, which was targeting Mariah Carey for the first time.

Mariah Carey seems to be telling her some things about her past relationship with Eminem in her upcoming book. However, it is unlikely that Carey would write anything about how Eminem was in bed. Additionally, we will inform you about these allegations when more details about the book appear.

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