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Will Smith Reveals The Disgusting Truth About The Original Bad Boys Movie

Will Smith Reveals The Disgusting Truth About The Original Bad Boys Movie

The latest episode of HBO’s ‘The Shop’ Uninterrupted, four-time Grammy winner actor Will Smith talked about his best movies, and he exposed an unknown story about the original ‘Bad Boys’ movie.

The Shop’ Uninterrupted featured a star-studded cast, including Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Maverick Carter. It also featured six-time MLB All-Star pitcher CC Sabathia, three-time Grammy winner Chance the Rapper, stand-up comedian and actor Martin Lawrence, and marketing executive Paul Rivera.

During the show, Will Smith described ‘Bad Boys’ as the best film that he starred among his many successful movies. He also told an interesting story about 1995 the original Bad Boys movie.

Here’s what Will Smith stated:

“Of all the movies that I have done, Bad Boys is the one that people walk up to me on the street and say, ‘when are you going to do another one?’ They don’t say that about I am Legend or Men in Black – it’s like Bad Boys is the one that people feel there is meat on the bone.

At the time, two black leads it like ‘ehh’ … Martin [Lawrence] fought to have me in Bad Boys, and the big part of the original success was because, after that, [producer] Don [Simpson] and [producer] Jerry [Bruckheimer] refused to let it be a black movie. They fought the studio and said it’s not a black movie. It’s a movie that the world needed to see.

He continued:

That everybody would love because of the actors in the movie not because the actors in the movie are black. There is a perception essentially that black people can’t sell movies globally. They say things like black films don’t travel.”

You can watch the part of the clip below.

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