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Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Shares The Powerful Women In Her Life As She Farewells 2020

Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Shares The Powerful Women In Her Life As She Farewells 2020

The successful actress Gal Gadot, who was on the agenda with the release of Wonder Woman’s 1984 movie, continues to share posts on her Instagram account and finally revealed the real life wonder women in her life with her followers.

After Warner Bros.’s decision, the highly-anticipated Wonder Woman sequel released in HBO Max and a limited number of theaters. However, the film became the lowest-rated film of any DC movie. While the film was loved by some of the fans, it was also the target of criticism from the film critics.

Nevertheless, the film still achieved good success compared to the pandemic period, and immediately after it was released, it was announced that the third sequel of the film will be shot. Although there is no detailed information about this yet, Gal Gadot is very pleased to be involved in this project that introduced her to the world.

On Wednesday, Gal Gadot took Instagram to share photos of her personal wonder women before saying farewell to 2020. In the photos, there were women from her family and friends, inspiring women around the world who she hoped to meet in the future.

In the caption of her post, Gal Gadot stated that women can do wonders when they came together and acted as one. Therefore, she wanted her followers to share their own wonder women in the comments section.

Here’s the caption:

“Saying farewell to 2020, with all my love to #MyPersonalWonderWomen ❤
Some are those closest to me – my family, my friends – some are inspiring women I’ve loved discovering, and some are exceptional women I hope to meet in the future.

Together, we can do wonders!
Share your own wonder women with me.”

Gal Gadot’s powerful post received more than 838k likes and many of her followers answered the actress’s request.

One of her followers wrote:

“My 78-year young mom is my wonder woman.”

Another fan added this comment:

“My mom who is raising me and my brother. So proud of her”

Check out the post below.

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