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Wonder Women Director Patty Jenkins Explains What The Watchers Should Expect From The Movie ‘Cleopatra’

Wonder Women Director Patty Jenkins Explains What The Watchers Should Expect From The Movie ‘Cleopatra’

In previous months, Gal Gadot revealed that she teamed up with Patty Jenkins and Laeta Kalogridis to tell the story of Cleopatra. Gadot explained that as one of the most mysterious and curious female characters in the past, Cleopatra will be told on the big screen in a way she’s never seen before.

Patty Jenkins is also the director of Wonder Woman and today the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, hits the theaters and HBO Max. While she was at the promotion of the new film, the director also revealed her ideas for her future project Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was a leader who is described as ‘The Queen of Egypt‘ and although there have been films about her before, the most memorable was the 1963 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. After that day, many filmmakers wanted to tell the story of Cleopatra, but this task was left to a female director.

The film will be a special one because the story of ‘The Queen of Egypt’ for the first time will be told through women’s eyes, both behind and in front of the camera.

Patty Jenkins revealed that although they had very limited information about Cleopatra, she would focus on her as a very strong female character and demonstrate her as one of the great leaders in Egypt.

Here’s what she stated:

“I think I actually have a history of looking at complicated characters… in Monster, who you could tell the story and then, and then, and then. But the truth is when you get into that person’s point of view, it becomes an interesting story in a different way.

And hopefully I did that with Wonder Woman as well. So applying that same approach to one of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra, the truth is, the only story that we know of her was told by the Romans who killed her and hated her.

And so once we really start looking at what does exist elsewhere about Cleopatra, you see a pretty bad-ass, incredible leader. One of the great leaders in Egypt.”

In the continuation of her statements, Jenkins also pointed out that when they get down into the details of Cleopatra’s life, she is sure that they will find a powerful story. Stating that everything will be shaped according to the point of view, the director also thinks Gal Gadot will be a great Cleopatra.

She continued:

“So once we really got down into the nitty-gritty details, there’s a pretty incredible story there that is the same story but you understand totally differently if you change things just a little bit where you’re seeing it from.

So I just think it’s a story that she deserves to have told one day beautifully. Gal has been developing this for a while and when she brought it to me, I was so excited by what it could possibly be. And I think she’d be an amazing Cleopatra.”

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