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X-Men Star James McAvoy Tells His Sister’s Little-Known Side

X-Men Star James McAvoy Tells His Sister’s Little-Known Side

X-Men: First Class actor James McAvoy, who played young Professor Charles Xavier, has shared a new photo of himself with his sister, Joy McAvoy, on Instagram and celebrated the 38th birthday of her.

If you look at Instagram caption, James says he has always loved the photo that shows he stands next to with his sister. The 41-year-old actor continued and drew attention to the positive view of his sister.

However, McAvoy said that this photo sheds light on the different sides of his sister, including determination, daring, focus, and more. In this way, he shows his respect for Joy McAvoy.

Here’s what James McAvoy wrote:

“I’ve always loved this picture of Joy McAvoy. She’s rightly known and loved for her smile and seemingly endless reserve of positivity and happiness, but. This pic gives you a glimpse of another side to her that I LOVE. That side includes drive, determination, daring, focus, fight, and general bad assary!!!! I love you, Joy. Happy birthday.”

See the Instagram post below.

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