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YG Regrets About His ‘Ignorant’ Opinions On The LGBTQ Community

YG Regrets About His ‘Ignorant’ Opinions On The LGBTQ Community

In a new tweet on his official Twitter account, Compton rapper YG recently admitted his regret for ignorant old views about the LGBTQ community.

It is not clear why the rapper apologized to the LGBTQ community. However, some Twitter users think it’s due to the fact that their ex-girlfriend, Kehlani, is clearly bisexual.

YG and Kehlani confirmed their relationship in September. However, we know that the two singer’s relationship is over since Kehlani claimed to be single last month.

Here’s what YG tweeted:

“It’s been brought to my attention that my old views on life was ignorant. i apologize to the LGBTQ kommunity for ever komin across like i was anything but respectful and accepting. Live. Love. Ya Life. Gang!”

A Twitter user named lilmissEvie_E commented and said this:

“Kehlani really teaching you the ways of the world..”

Another user named WHOTFIsdaquan wrote this:

“He only saying that to appease to Kehlani”

The user named clarixiiix also claimed:

“Kehlani done changed mans”

Check out the tweet below.

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