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YG Reveals What He Really Felt When He Heard Nipsey Hussle Died

YG Reveals What He Really Felt When He Heard Nipsey Hussle Died

During a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Compton-born rapper YG has shared his thoughts about Nipsey Hussle’s death. He said:

“I met bruh at the studio in 2010, he was fresh outta jail. We made some music same day, and after that we kept running across each other just on some L.A. shit. He ended up being a big brother to me.”

YG also revealed why he couldn’t announce the album. He said:

“I was so confused, my album was supposed to be a surprise album. When the shit happened with the homie, I’m like, ‘Damn, I can’t album out, I can’t be promoting this shit”

Big Boy who interviewer also asked how he felt when he heard the news to YG. He answered:

“I was at Mustard’s house, we was watching the Duke vs. Michigan game, and I was texting Todd Gurley.

I just got up and left. They gave us the location of where they were taking bro… We were like 15-20 minutes away, and they were like, ‘Homie ain’t making it. That shit ain’t right. Homie supposed to be here. I got a big question mark on my life right now.

 How do God take somebody like that, we need him. I just don’t get it, I’m not accepting it.”

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