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Yo Gotti Writes Special Thanks Letter After His Birthday

Yo Gotti Writes Special Thanks Letter After His Birthday

Famous rapper Yo Gotti has posted a new photo of himself on Instagram with a thanks message.

You know, yesterday was birthday of  Yo Gotti. He has uploaded his photo, and wrote a special letter to his fans as a way of saying ‘special thanks’ after the birthday.

Yo Gotti wrote:

“Thanks To All My Fans For The Gifts u give me Everyday By Supporting Me, You put me in this Financial Bracket To Take Care my Family , Drive These Cars , Living In These Houses , invest in other Artist Dreams ..

DON’T THINK FOR 1 SECOND i Don’t KNOW IM BLESSED OR WHERE IM FROM & OVERCAME 🙏🏾 From a 50 pack Hustler in Ridgecrest Apt Projects To a Muiti Million Dollar DEAL Closer whenever I feel like it .

I Know I’m Super BLESSED .. thanks for all da Birthday Wishes but I live like EVERYDAY MY BIRTHDAY 💯 #CMGMillionares#ItsMyBirthdayforNext2Months #WatchHowWeGoUp !!!!!.”

You can see the post below.

Also, Kim Kardashian celebrated his birthday yesterday, and he has shared photo about that moment.



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