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Young Thug Announces The Release Date Of Upcoming Album

Young Thug Announces The Release Date Of Upcoming Album

Atlanta rapper Young Thug has shared a new update about his upcoming album ‘So Much Fun’ with a recent post on Instagram.

He said that ‘So Much Fun’ album will be released on the 16th of the 8th month. He also added a nauseated face and vomiting face emoji:


You can see the post below.

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8.16 🤢🤮

A post shared by SEX!! (@thuggerthugger1) on

On May 15, 2019, Young Thug broke the silence about ‘clout chasing’ term. Thugger explained why people shouldn’t talking on ‘clout chasing‘.

“Y’all n***as who firm believers in that ‘clout chasing’ word: Let me tell y’ all buster asses something. N***a, stop saying a n***a clout chasing, that’s some bullying shit. You really bullying a n***a.

Some n***as don’t even be clout chasing. Some n***as be inspired by shit they see. All that ‘Aw, n***as wanna stand behind rappers.’ This n***a might look up to me, this n***a might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n***a. This n***a wanna get some money, carry himself the same way.

Every n***a running around saying clout chasing, y’ all n***a bitches. Clout chasing, that word gone. From now on, ain’t no such thing as clout chasing. ‘Cause I damn sure run behind JAY-Z but I damn sure ain’t no clout chaser n***a, I’m rich as a motherf*cker.”

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