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Young Thug Reveals What He Really Thinks About The Meaning Of ‘Pureness’

Young Thug Reveals What He Really Thinks About The Meaning Of ‘Pureness’

Atlanta rapper Young Thug recently released his new album ‘So Much Fun’ featuring Future, Gunna, Lil Baby, Travis Scott and more.

Months ago, Young Thug has revealed why people shouldn’t talking on ‘clout chasing term on Instagram. He stated:

“Y’all n***as who firm believers in that ‘clout chasing’ word: Let me tell y’ all buster asses something. N***a, stop saying a n***a clout chasing, that’s some bullying shit. You really bullying a n***a. Some n***as don’t even be clout chasing. Some n***as be inspired by shit they see. All that ‘Aw, n***as wanna stand behind rappers.’ This n***a might look up to me, this n***a might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n***a. This n***a wanna get some money, carry himself the same way.”

During a recent interview with GQ, ‘The London’ rapper has shared his thoughts about the meaning of ‘pureness’. He said:

“It’s people that is free, all out, loyal, very, very, very loyal. Loyal, loving. Honest love. Real love. Real loyalty. You know, that style of pureness. That’s what I want. That’s what I seek in this game. You were kind of raised and taught to be like “fuck a person” or be like “Whatever I gotta do to get to the top.” You know?

Which is cool. It’s cool for whoever feel like the need to be like that. I’m not cool with it though. I seek for love. I seek for honesty. I see for respect. I seek for loyalty. That’s what I seek in “pureness.””


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