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Young Thug Reveals Why People Should Stop Using ‘Clout Chasing’ Term

Young Thug Reveals Why People Should Stop Using ‘Clout Chasing’ Term

On Instagram stories, Atlanta rapper Young Thug has shared his thoughts about ‘clout chasing’ term. Thugger explained why people shouldn’t talking on ‘clout chasing‘ term. He said:

“Y’all n***as who firm believers in that ‘clout chasing’ word: Let me tell y’ all buster asses something. N***a, stop saying a n***a clout chasing, that’s some bullying shit. You really bullying a n***a. Some n***as don’t even be clout chasing. Some n***as be inspired by shit they see. All that ‘Aw, n***as wanna stand behind rappers.’ This n***a might look up to me, this n***a might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n***a. This n***a wanna get some money, carry himself the same way.”

He continued and mentioned about leaving this phrase urgently. Thug said:

 “Every n***a running around saying clout chasing, y’ all n***a bitches. Clout chasing, that word gone. From now on, ain’t no such thing as clout chasing. ‘Cause I damn sure run behind JAY-Z but I damn sure ain’t no clout chaser n***a, I’m rich as a motherf*cker.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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