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Zara Larsson Makes An Unexpected Grooming Announcement: “It’s Disgusting”

Zara Larsson Makes An Unexpected Grooming Announcement: “It’s Disgusting”

Sweedish singer Zara Larsson made a bold statement about ‘grooming’ on her official Instagram page and addressed this topic with a lengthy announcement.

A few days ago, Zara shared the story of a young girl exposing an adult Swedish painter for grooming her when she was 15. She also said that the girl is his fan and idol.

She wrote:

“A few days ago, a young girl exposed a grown-ass Swedish artist and his friends for grooming her at the tender age of 15. She was a fan. He was her idol. Disgusting.”

Larsson continued and said that she is not against having relationships between young girls and older men, but that these girls are easier to manipulate. She added that the reason for this was that they made less rational decisions at this age.

She continued:

“I put absolutely no blame on girls being tricked into relationships of any sort with way older guys, but I did wish I could tell my younger self that you aren’t ‘different’ or ‘more mature’ than girls your age. You aren’t ‘special,’ that’s just something he’ll say… You’re just easier to manipulate.

And that’s not because you’re dumb. That’s because, as teenagers, we take less rational decisions because our consequential thinking isn’t fully developed yet. Like, our brains are literally having a hard time making good choices for us until we’re around the age of 25.”

She also added and criticized these disgusting people who benefit from young girls:

“So when a man closer to his 30s is asking you to a party, you might say yes! ESPECIALLY if this is someone you look up to. Someone you idolize. You might do the things they do, even though you’ll be way too young for it. You feel what I’m saying? If you’re being treated like an adult by adults, you’d feel like an adult, even though you’re obviously not. I think it’s only natural for someone younger to wanna explore the adult world. It’s exciting. It’s new. And abusers who prey on young girls know this.

I put the blame where it belongs. In the hands of the groomers and abusers and all of their friends. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANNA HANG OUT WITH KIDS WHEN YOU’RE A GROWN MAN? STOP HANGING OUT WITH KIDS WHEN YOU’RE A GROWN MAN! STOP HAVING SEX WITH KIDS WHEN YOU’RE A GROWN MAN!

The FUCK.”

See the Instagram post below.

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